Author Topic: 【天问】类似国外政府网站(大信息容量)的CMS网站(直接用于自己做网站)  (Read 114 times)


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 开源 Portal 型 CMS

  Xoops :

  Plone :

  Joomla! :

  Drupal :

  Zope :

  CMS Made Simple :

  MODX :

  Mambo :

  PHP Nuke :

  开源 Blog 型 CMS

  Word Press :

  开源 wiki 型 CMS

  Mediawiki :

  国外的大型商业 CMS

  Vignette Content Management (美国):,2097,1-1-1928-4149-1966-4150,00.html

  EMC Documentum (美国):

  IBM Workplace WCM (美国):

  Reddot CMS (德国):

  Interwoven ECM (美国):

  Oracle Stellent Web Content Management (美国):

  国外的重量级商业 CMS

  Tridion R5.2 (荷兰) :

  CoreMedia CMS 2006 (德国):

  Fatwire Content Server (美国):

  Percussion Rhythmyx (美国):

  Day Software Communique (瑞士):

  MediaSurface Morello (英国):

  国外的轻量级商业 CMS

  Microsoft SharePoint (美国):

  Sitecore Content Manager (丹麦):

  ESCENIC (挪威):

  Collage (美国):

  CommonSpot Content Server (美国):

  Ingeniux Content Management System (美国):

  CMS400.NET (美国):

  E-Spirit FIRSTspirit(德国):

  Hot Banana Web Content Management Suite (加拿大):

  EPiServer (瑞典):

  Refresh Software SR2 (美国):

  GOSS iCM (英国):

  Hannon Hill Casecade Server(美国):

  Immediacy (英国):

  Terminal Four Site Manager (爱尔兰):

  Enonic Vertical Site (挪威):

  Synkron Via (丹麦):


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Content Management Systems Used by Government Agencies
Here’s a list of Content Management Systems (CMS) used by government agencies. For more information, please contact each agency to learn about their experience with that product or system.

Disclaimer: This list is intended solely as a resource for government employees who manage government websites. This is an unofficial list for informational purposes only. DigitalGov does not endorse the products or services listed below.

We do our best to keep the list current based on information we get from agencies. However, accuracy is not assured. If you have additions or changes, please see the box at the end of this page to submit them.

Federal Government
Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Agriculture (Drupal 8)

Animal Health Inspection Service (IBM WebSphere WCM)
Economic Research Service (Umbraco)
Farm Service Agency (Oracle UCM) (Drupal 8)
Food and Nutrition Service (Drupal 7, moving to Drupal 8 in 2018)
WIC Works Resource System (Drupal 8)
Forest Service (Front end: IBM Websphere Portal; back end: Stellent [now Oracle UCM]. Transitioning to Drupal using a Forest Service curated Drupal distribution)
Office of the Chief Information Officer (Drupal 7)
Office of the Assistant Secretary for Civil Rights (Drupal 7)
Central Intelligence Agency (Plone)

Commerce (Drupal)

National Institute of Standards & Technology (Drupal)
National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration (DotNetNuke/SharePoint)
National Telecommunications & Information Administration (Drupal/Proofpoint)
Patent & Trademark Office (Drupal)
U.S. Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) (IntranetConnections)
U.S. Census Bureau (Adobe Experience Manager (AEM))
Commodity Futures Trading Commission (Drupal 8) (Drupal 8) (Drupal 8)
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (Wagtail)

Consumer Product Safety Commission (EpiServer)

Defense (DotNetNuke)

Air Force (Broadvision (Portal))
Defense Commissary Agency (Home-grown)
Defense Finance & Accounting Service (Documentum/Plumtree/BizFlow)
Defense Information Systems Agency (Sitecore)
Defense Intelligence Agency (None)
Defense Office of Military Commissions (DotNetNuke/SharePoint)
Education Activity (CommonSpot)
Marine Corps Community Services (In-house)
Military Health System (Sitecore)
Navy Enterprise Maintenance System (Documentum)
Navy Personnel Command (Microsoft’s Content Management Server)
Office of Naval Research (Sitecore for external, Sharepoint for intranet)
Education (Drupal/WordPress)

Energy (Drupal)

Energy Information Administration (None)
Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (Drupal)
Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy (OpenText)
Office of Scientific & Technical Information (Drupal/Confluence, Sharepoint)
Sandia National Laboratories (Cascade Server by Hannon Hill/WordPress, Drupal, SharePoint)
Western Area Power Administration (Serena Collage)
Environmental Protection Agency (Drupal)

Office of Water
Region 8
Farm Credit Administration (Serena Collage [not presently using it])

Federal Communications Commission (Drupal/Documentum)

Federal Election Commission (Wagtail)

Federal Reserve Board of Governors (RedDot)

Federal Trade Commission (Drupal)

General Services Administration (Drupal)

GSA Intranet site (Drupal 7)
Technology Transformation Services (TTS), Office of Products and Programs
DigitalGov (GitHub) [formerly DigitalGov Search] (GitHub)
USAGov, USAGov en Español (formerly known as (Drupal 7)
Health & Human Services (Percussion)

Administration for Children & Families (Drupal)
Administration on Aging (Content Studio)
Center for Medicare & Medicaid Innovation (Percussion)
Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (Percussion/Accenture tool)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (Commercial Product)
Food & Drug Administration (Oracle/Stellent v.10)
National Cancer Institute (Percussion/Internet, Drupal/Intranet)
National Cancer Institute/Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics (Plone [Intranet], Percussion [Public-Facing])
National Institute of Mental Health (Percussion)
National Institutes of Health (Percussion)
National Institutes of Health—Office of Human Resources (Drupal)
National Library of Medicine (TeamSite/Adobe Contribute, Drupal, Custom built systems)
Office of Communications and Education (Percussion)
National Institute on Drug Abuse (Drupal)
Homeland Security (Interwoven TeamSite)

Citizenship & Immigration Services (Vignette)
Coast Guard (Broadvision [Intranet])
Customs & Border Protection (eXpressroom)
Federal Emergency Management Agency (Drupal/TeamSite)
Immigration & Customs Enforcement (Interwoven)
Transportation Security Administration (Interwoven TeamSite)
Housing and Urban Development (Oracle WebCenter)

Interior (Drupal PaaS)

Alaska Centers Public Lands Information (Drupal PaaS)
Bureau of Indian Affairs (Drupal PaaS)
Bureau of Land Management (Drupal PaaS)
Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (Drupal PaaS)
Federal Consulting Group (Drupal PaaS)
National Park Service (CommonSpot)
Office of Inspector General (Drupal PaaS)
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s National Wildlife Refuge System (Ektron CMS 400)
Justice (Currently migrating to Drupal; expected completion: Spring 2015)

Environmental & Natural Resources Division (RedDot)
National Institute of Justice (SharePoint 2013/EZRO)
Labor (None)

Bureau of Labor Statistics (In-house system)
Employment & Training Administration (webZerve)
Library of Congress (Interwoven)

Millenium Challenge Corporation (ExpressionEngine)

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (Digital Asset Manager, eTouch Systems)

Jet Propulsion Laboratory (Plone)
Kennedy Space Center (Inmagic Presto)
National Archives & Records Administration (Drupal)

National Credit Union Administration (MS SharePoint 2010)

National Endowment for the Arts (Drupal 7)

National Institute of Standards and Technology (Drupal)

National Labor Relations Board (Drupal)

National Science Foundation (ePublish)

Office of Inspector General (None)
Office of Personnel Management (Umbraco)

Open World Leadership Center (Drupal 7)

Peace Corps (Wagtail for external, Sharepoint for intranet)

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation (Drupal 7)

Recovery Accountability & Transparency Board (SharePoint)

Securities & Exchange Commission (Drupal)

Senate (Documentum)

Small Business Administration (Drupal)

Smithsonian Institution (Interwoven)

Social Security Administration (None)

State (WordPress)
Consular Affairs Percussion [Intranet])
U.S. Embassy Websites (WordPress)
IRM Business Center (In-house [PortalX 1.3])
Tennessee Valley Authority (Dreamweaver/WordPress)

Transportation (Drupal)

Treasury (Microsoft SharePoint)

Bureau of the Public Debt (None)
Internal Revenue Service (Commercial Product/Vignette)
Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (Commercial Product/SharePoint)
U.S. Mint (None [Intranet])
United States Agency for International Development (Documentum)

U.S. Congress, Congressional Budget Office (Drupal public website, SharePoint intranet)

United States Courts (Sitefinity [Intranet])

United States Postal Service (Broadvision [e-commerce]/Interwoven [])

Veterans Affairs (TeamSite)

Veterans Affairs Information Resource Center (Adobe Contribute)
Veterans Health Administration (Interwoven TeamSite)
Voice of America (Pangea)

White House (Drupal)

State Government
Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Arizona Government Information Technology Agency (Mambo)

California (Broadvision)

California Department of Education (Adobe Contribute integrated with in-house system)
Caltrans: California Department of Transportation (Sitecore)
Department of Fish & Game (DotNetNuke)
Georgia Department of Human Services (Vignette)

Hawaii Department of Taxation (Plone 3.0.5)

Illinois (Microsoft SharePoint)

Interstate Commission for Adult Offender Supervision (Drupal 8)

Massachusetts (Percussion)

Michigan (Vignette)

Missouri Department of Conservation (Drupal)

Nevada (Ektron CMS 400 8.6)

New York Department of Environmental Conservation (RedDot)


Parks & Wildlife Department (Plone)
Commission on Environmental Quality (Plone)

Department of Retirement Systems (Interwoven TeamSite)
Department of Revenue (Drupal)
Department of Ecology (Kentico)
Employment Security Department (Interwoven TeamSite)
Local Government
Agency or website (Tool, product or service)

Arlington County, Virginia (WordPress)

City of Fort Worth, Texas (Ektron)

City of Killeen, Texas (

City of Newport News (Plone)

City of Wheaton, Illinois (Commercial Product/Dreamweaver)

County of Santa Clara Public Portal (Vignette)

Douglas County, Colorado (Stellent)

Morris County, New Jersey (WordPress)


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12. Alfresco

替代的对象:Sharepoint、Documentum和Open Text


支持的操作系统:Windows、Linux和OS X。


13. Drupal





14. Get Simple

替代的对象:Sharepoint和IBM Lotus

Get Simple的下载量已超过12万人次,旨在成为“有史以来最简单的内容管理系统。”它承诺,用户只要在短短5分钟内就可以让一个基本的网站搭建并运行起来。



15. Joomla

替代的对象:Sharepoint和IBM Lotus





16. ConcourseSuite



支持的操作系统:Windows、Linux和OS X。


17. SplendidCRM


Splendid有三种不同的版本:社区版、专业版和企业版,它们都可以部署在企业内部,或者直接在云端使用。最近添加的功能包括:推特跟踪、与Asterisk整合、与PayTrace整合、调查和Google Apps同步。



18. SugarCRM



支持的操作系统:Windows、Linux和OS X。


19. vTiger






20. Scribus

替代的对象:InDesign、QuarkXPres和MicrosoftOffice Publisher


支持的操作系统:Windows、Linux和OS X。


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You are right! As you indicate, the site has been developed using Wordpress (version 4.3). The homepage however has been created using a Bootstrap template.
Wordpress has some limitations but for the moment it is okay for my needs. It is very easy to integrate different plugins to get lot of different and fancy functionalities.


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