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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Letter of Introduction

Letters of introduction, or introduction letters, are appropriate for a variety of business and personal situations. The most common of these is when an introduction letter is used to introduce a business or service to a potential client. The sample below is a typical situation in which the bearer uses the introduction letter as a courtesy identifying credential when meeting a business contact for the first time.

(print Letter of Introduction on corporate letterhead paper)

November 27, 20xx

Professor Andrew Morrissey
Executive Director
Executive MBA Program
University of Ottawa
1350 Sparks St., Suite 725
Ottawa, ON, K1P 1C4

Dear Professor Morrissey:

Please allow me to introduce the bearer of this letter(持信人), Ms. Catherine Nasslund. Catherine is the architect that I spoke to you about last week when we talked on the phone.

As I explained, I am working on a feasibility study for one of the university programs here in Montreal that is considering the development of an Executive Management Training Centre. Part of my study involves having to estimate the possible fit-up costs for the proposed new centre.

The client is intent on making sure they get a "state-of-the-art"(最先进的、最高水准的) executive training facility. Naturally I thought of my alma mater(母校、校歌) at the Ottawa U. Executive MBA Center, as the perfect example as to how it's done.

As we discussed, if you would be kind enough to have one of your staff members spend about one hour giving Catherine a tour of your facilities there, I would very much appreciate it. Catherine tells me that it is important that she take the tour when the classroom and case rooms will not be in use, since she will need to take various measurements.

As you suggested, Catherine contacted Sharon Hudson of your staff to make sure that she would be traveling there at a time when it would be possible to do everything she needs to do.

Thanks so much Professor Morrissey. I really appreciate your co-operation on this matter.

All the best,

David Cameron, M.B.A.
Senior Consultant


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Letter of Interest

Letters of interest can be applicable in many different life situations, both personal and business. Letters of interest are sometimes requested, while at other times thay can be unsolicited proposals. The real-life sample letter below is a typical business-related letter of interest; written in response to an invitation.

(print Letter of Interest for project participation on corporate letterhead)

November 18, 20xx

Mr. Raymond Fielding
Campus Renaissance Inc.
1850 Highridge Road
Columbus, Ohio 43201

Dear Raymond:

Mitchell-Maxwell and Timberline Properties are pleased to submit herewith our letter of interest to participate in your "campus neighborhood redevelopment project".

Since being invited to address this exciting opportunity, our team members have collaborated to produce a preliminary plan that we believe will energize the neighborhood, strengthen the University community, and produce long-term benefits for the entire City of Columbus.

As you know, we are a team of professionals with a proven track record(可靠的工作业绩) in this region that has the ability to successfully transform our plan into reality. Our team is comprised of members who have worked together on numerous successful projects. They have been assembled for this project because of the enormous trust and confidence thay have in one another. You can be assured that the lead partners in our group will manage the project closely and carefully, and accountability for results will never be delegated.

In the weeks ahead, we look forward to receiving comments from Campus Renaissance and the community at large about our preliminary proposal during the public consultation process. We understand that right now the plan is clearly a 'work in progress' which can only be improved by input from the various stakeholders who care the most about the area in question. We therefore look forward to using their input to develop a comprehensive integrated final development plan.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to participate.


__________________        ___________________
Mary Louise Lasser               Roy Gooding
Timberline Properties             Mitchell-Maxwell


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Letter of Recognition

A letter of recognition, or recognition letter, can be used for many different business and personal situations. Letters of recognition are similar to, and often confused with, commendation letters. The main difference being that a commendation letter normally recommends a person to another person or organization, while a letter of recognition is normally addressed directly to the person being recognized. As such, the sample below is a typical letter of recognition.
(print Letter of Recognition on corporate letterhead stationery)

June 14, 20xx
Professor Edward Milton, Ph.D.
Associate Professor
Department of Informatics
Independence University
1500 America Bouleverd
Raleigh, NC 27601

Dear Professor Milton:

On behalf of the North American Society for Computers and Learning in Secondary Education, we would like to recognize and thank you for your valuable assistance with our recent annual conference, held in Boston, in May of this year.

We very much appreciate that you gave freely of your time to assemble and organize the panel on Demystifying the Major Search Engines. You may be interested to know that the overall conference survey results were very positive, particularly with regard to the panel discussion itself. We recognize that the contribution of that panel was a key event at the conference and will figure prominently into the summary of proceedings which we will publish next month.

For your information, I have attached a few of the comments we received about your panel from the survey of conference participants.

We trust that you enjoyed your time at the conference and we certainly look forward to your participation in next year's event.


Bradley Madison
Conference Co-Ordinator



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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Letter of Reference

Unlike the typical reference letter, or letter of reference, the sample below is a "corporate letter of reference" in which one company recommends another company. Similar to the other types of "reference letters", this one is also addressed in a general fashion, with "To Whom It May Concern:". In this case, a company that is closing down is providing a reference letter that one of its main long-time clients can use with it's prospective customers.

(print corporate Letter of Reference on company letterhead paper)

November 18, 20xx

2905 Peel St.
Suite 1508
Montreal, QC
H2C 2M3

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Customer Reference - Fairmont Litho Arts Inc.

I have been asked to write this letter of reference because our company will no longer be operating its printing plant that has served Fairmont Litho Arts Inc. for more than a decade(10年).

Fairmont Litho Arts has been one of our top customers for the past 12 years. Accordingly, I have no hesitation in recommending them as a company with which to do business.

In addition to doing business with his company for many years, I have known the president and founder of Litho Arts, Glenn Ralston, for over 25 years. We were classmates and teammates at McGill University in the late 1970s. Knowing him for so long I am quite comfortable in vouching for him as a great individual as well as a concerned and active citizen in this community.

As far as a company to do business with, Fairmont Litho Arts Inc. is one of the best that we have ever dealt with. Its practice has always been to pay our printing invoices within the 30-day time limit. We did significant amounts of business, especially during the past 5 years, and I cannot recall a late-payment situation involving that company. Billing disputes were rare, and those only required some minor additional documentation for clarification and resolution.

Fairmont was one of the best companies that I have ever dealt with from a change-order and work scheduling perspective. We maintained close communication with the company's production people and they always kept us apprised of their upcoming workload. Thus, scheduling jobs on our presses was never a problem. In addition, Fairmont's graphics people always provided us with high quality finished artwork, and it was unusual for additional changes to be made after the plates had been produced.

Based on our experience, any printing company should be very pleased to be the one that Fairmont Litho Arts selects to do business with once we have closed our doors.


Gordon Manning
President and CEO


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Performance Evaluation Letter-Medical Residency Sample

Performance evaluation letters are usually written in job evaluation situations for such professions as: teachers, professors, medical students/residents, nursing specialists, and other such professionals. Many organizations have a specific required criteria and format that must be used for performance evaluations of their staff. The sole purpose of these letters is to provide a comprehensive assessment of the job performance of a professional. The real-life sample performance evaluation letter below is a typical evaluation of the performance of a medical student who is in the process of applying for a residency program in general surgery.

(print Performance Evaluation Letter on corporate letterhead paper)

March 15, 20xx

Mr. David Schwartz
Assistant Dean, Administration
Dean's Office
East Coast School of Medicine
375 Oceanside Road, Rm. 450
Biddeville, ME 04010

Dear Mr. Schwartz:
Re: Performance Evaluation - Raymond Farmer
This Letter of Evaluation is provided at the request of Raymond Farmer, who is applying to your program for postgraduate training in General Surgery.

Premedical Education and Experience
Raymond grew up in Bangor, Maine. He did his undergraduate work at East Coast University where he received a BS degree in chemistry in May 20xx. Following graduation, Raymond spent a year working with a pharmaceutical company before entering medical school. He then entered EC University Medical School in August 20xx. He has completed the required curriculum with only the usual summer break between the first and second preclinical years, and is scheduled to graduate in May 20xx.

Preclinical Record
Raymond passed all first-year courses without problems. His performance on the graded courses in the second-year was well above average. He earned the highest grade on 9 of the 16 graded courses and a high pass on the remaining 7 graded courses. He also achieved a score of 245 on the USMLE Step I examination in June 20xx.

Clinical Clerkships (Chronological)

Integrated Surgical Disciplines: Honors (H=48%; HP=48%; P=7%)
Tutorial: "Raymond was a good communicator; well-prepared for presentations, and active in group discussions." General Surgery: "Raymond turned in an excellent performance on his first clinical rotation. He is bright and pleasant to work with. He worked hard and conducted himself in a courteous and professional manner. He evaluated clinic patients in a timely manner and kept well-organized histories. He was very keen and helpful in the operating room." Ophthalmology: "Raymond was an excellent student. He is smart, diligent and reliable, and has a pleasant demeanor." Orthopaedic Surgery: "Raymond was an above average student. He will make a fine house officer."

Neurology: Honors (H=37%; HP=54%; P=9%)
"Raymond was a pleasure to work with in the neurology clinic. His presentations were well thought. His fund of knowledge was excellent. He was enthusiastic and helpful and made a great team player. He was well-liked by the patients. He will succeed in any clinical field he chooses." Raymond scored at the 94th percentile on the NBME exam.

Psychiatry: High Pass (H=28%; HP=65%; P=4%)
"Raymond was hard working and helpful. His bedside manner was exceptional. His level of knowledge was also outstanding. He played an important role in the care of the patients assigned to him. He is a pleasure to work with and was well-liked by both staff and patients. His oral presentations were well organized and thorough." Raymond scored at the 95th percentile on the NBME exam.

Internal Medicine: High Pass (H=55%; HP=46%)
"Raymond is very hard working and contributes well to the team. His knowledge base is excellent and he uses each patient encounter as a guide for further reading and follow-up. He is a conscientious and dedicated student who showed dedication to every patient assigned to him. He was also very active in presenting articles and he read extensively. His level of knowledge is outstanding and he applies it at the bedside appropriately and well. Raymond will enjoy much success in the future."

Women & Children's Health/Pediatrics: Honors (H=37%; HP=60%; P=7%)
"Raymond's performance this month was exceptional. He was confident and had strong clinical skills. He has an excellent rapport with his patients and makes the extra effort to understand all aspects of their care. He is a bright and committed team member who cares about his patients. He developed excellent treatment plans for all of his patients and followed up on all assigned tasks. Overall, an outstanding medical student."

Fourth Year Electives

Cardiothoracic Critical Care: Honors
"Raymond is an enthusiastic medical student with a pleasant personality. He was always well prepared and his presentations were thorough. He worked hard and functioned as a full member of the team. He was totally involved in the care of his patients. He is a bright and willing learner and should be commended for a job well done."

Honors Medicine: Honors
"Raymond displayed outstanding knowledge and judgement throughout the rotation. His presentations were excellent and reliable. He functioned easily as an intern and will make an excellent resident. He has a great future. It was a pleasure working with him."

Research and Extracurricular Activities
Raymond spent the summer break between his first and second years of medical school conducting clinical research in the Department of Surgery. During his preclinical years, he was deeply involved with community outreach programs. He volunteered with the STOPS program (Students Teaching Obesity Prevention to Students), and coordinated that program during his second year. In addition, Raymond was a regular volunteer at the Downtown Medical Center, a free clinic run by medical students. He was also a member of the Surgery Study Group during his preclinical years.

Raymond enjoys hiking, mountaineering and music. He plays saxophone in a local student jazz band.

Raymond is a mature, well-rounded and bright young man. He has proven himself to be a hard working and capable medical student with the skills to be an excellent clinician. He is a very personable fellow who is dedicated to patient care and committed to a career in general surgery. Raymond's overall performance in the three years of required courses at East Coast University, Medicine places him in the top third of his class. He is therefore recommended to you as an excellent candidate for residency training.


Marion K. Stremer, M.D.
Assistant Dean, Career Placement


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Recommendation Letter

This sample recommendation letter was written about a former employee by her previous supervisor. Since this one is addressed to a specific person, it is a typical recommendation letter, as opposed to a "To Whom It May Concern" general reference letter. This one is all positive, although when appropriate, they can contain mild constructive (i.e. developmental) criticism.

(print Recommendation Letter on company letterhead paper)

November 25, 20xx

Mr. Roberto Villas
Manager, Marketing Services
Allied Industries Inc.
110 Riverbend Drive, Suite 1550
Stamford, CT 06907

Dear Mr. Villas:

This is in response to your recent request for a letter of recommendation for Maria Fuentas who worked for me up until two years ago.

Maria Fuentas worked under my direct supervision at Johnson Technologies for a period of six years ending in October 20xx. During that period, I had the great pleasure of seeing her blossom from a junior marketing trainee at the beginning, into a fully functioning Marketing, Program Co-Ordinator, in her final two years with the company. That was the last position she held before moving on to a better career opportunity elsewhere.

Maria is a hard-working self-starter who invariably understands exactly what a project is all about from the outset, and how to get it done quickly and effectively. During her two years in the Marketing Co-Ordinator position, I cannot remember an instance in which she missed a major deadline. She often brought projects in below budget, and a few were even completed ahead of schedule.

Ms. Fuentas is a resourceful, creative, and solution-oriented person who was frequently able to come up with new and innovative approaches to her assigned projects. She functioned well as a team leader when required, and she also worked effectively as a team member under the direction of other team leaders.

On the interpersonal side, Maria has superior written and verbal communication skills. She gets along extremely well with staff under her supervision, as well as colleagues at her own level. She is highly respected, as both a person and a professional, by colleagues, employees, suppliers, and customers alike.

Two years ago, when Ms. Fuentas announced her resignation to take up a new position with a larger company, we were saddened to see her leave, although we wished her the greatest success in her new undertaking. Even now, two years after her departure, I can state that her presence, both as a person and as an exemplary(典范的) employee, is still missed here.

In closing, as detailed above, based on my experience working with her, I can unreservedly recommend Maria Fuentas to you for any intermediate or senior marketing position. If you would like further elaboration(详细描述), feel free to call me at (416) 765-4497.


Robert Christenson
Director, Marketing and Sales


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Reference Letter Sample-Employment - Sales Job

An employment reference letter is the most common type of reference letter. It is different from a recommendation letter because it is addressed "To Whom It May Concern" rather than to a specific individual. The real-life sample employment reference letter below is typical; a general letter from a former employer that confirms the subject's employment and makes broad statements about their suitability for employment.
(print Employment Reference Letter on corporate letterhead stationery)

November 15, 20xx

[Recipient address- Line 1]
[Recipient address- Line 2]
[Recipient address- Line 3]
[Recipient address- Line 4]

To Whom It May Concern:

RE: Employment Reference - Tony Rocco

This is to confirm that Tony Rocco worked under my direct supervision as an Insurance Sales Representative from August 20xx to October 20xx.

During this period Tony progressed from sales initiation trainee to fully certified sales representative by the time he left for another job.

I would say that Tony is a hard working individual who learns quickly. He is generally cooperative and can perform well as a member of a team, although he prefers to work independently. He communicates very well orally and is working hard to improve his writing skills. I saw considerable improvement in this area during the last year he was with us.

As a sales professional, Tony was always above the 50th percentile of performers on my sales team. Since he started from scratch only two years ago, and most of his colleagues were highly experienced with strong, established networks, I would say that Tony achieved a lot in his early years as a sales representative.

So, based on what I observed during my two years with Tony, I believe he has excellent potential to become a high-performing sales professional in the insurance business.

For further information, I can be reached at (514) 989-0779.


Jannik Soberman
Director, Insurance Sales Operations


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Sympathy Letter慰问信

Sympathy letters, or letters of sympathy, are written for both personal and business situations. In both cases, these letters should be short and sincere. Personal sympathy letters should be handwritten on standard stationery and business sympathy letters should be typewritten on corporate letterhead paper. The example sympathy letter below is a typical business situation in which the letter is from an employer to the spouse of the deceased person.
(print Sympathy Letter to employee's family on corporate letterhead)
November 15, 20xx

Mrs. Edith Hampton
4575 Village Drive
Seattle, WA 98105-5032

Dear Mrs. Hampton:

I was deeply saddened to learn of Frank's death and I would like to express my sincere sympathy to you and your family on behalf of the senior management team here at Interconnect Corp. Your husband was highly respected by managers and employees alike throughout the entire company. He was regarded as a visionary(远见) leader by anyone who ever worked with him.

Frank's contributions to this company during his 27 years of dedicated and selfless service were many and varied. In the early years he was a major part of our initial expansion overseas, and a number of the offices he set up in Europe are still operating very successfully. In recent years Frank was a key player in our transformation to full digital technology, a move which catapulted us into a leadership position in the industry. Believe me, his contributions to this company will not be forgotten.

Please accept my heartfelt condolences(慰问) at this difficult time and I ask you to please pass these sentiments(感情) on to your children. Your husband was a remarkable man in many ways. Knowing him personally as I did for many years, I am well aware of the difference he made in the lives of many people, both here in the company, and in his private life. He will be missed by many.

With sincere sympathy,

Charles T. Simpson
President and CEO


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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Termination Letter

Termination letters can be written for various situations, but the most common one is a job termination letter. Some people confuse termination letters with resignation letters. The sample termination letter below is typical for a job elimination situation. As the sample demonstrates, a job-related letter of termination needs to be drafted with sensitivity and respect.

(print Employee Letter of Termination on corporate letterhead)

December 5, 20xx

Thomas Zatinski
795 Gilmour St.
Apt. 508
Chicago, IL, 60611

Dear Thomas:

It is with sincere regret that I must inform you that your employment at Addison Systems Inc. will be terminated as of Friday January 31, 20xx.

As you know, the Downsizing Task Force delivered their report to the executive committee in late October. Among the task force recommendations was the elimination of all temporary and contract positions. Since you occupy a temporary position, your position is automatically subject to the task force recommendations.

I would like to make it absolutely clear that in no way does your termination reflect that the company is in any way unhappy with your work performance over the past 18 months. In fact, you have been highly regarded as one of our most productive contract staffers. Unfortunately, you and the other non-permanent staff that are being let go are simply a reflection of the general economic downturn in the fiber-optics industry over the past year.

In an effort to try to reduce the impact of this termination, the company has worked out a severance arrangement that will give you one week's pay for each month you worked beyond 12 months. In your case, this will amount to six (6) weeks of severance pay. In addition, your medical and dental coverage will remain in effect until the end of the severance(离职遣散) period. You will soon receive a letter from the Human Resources Department with all of the details on the severance package.

Thomas, given your qualifications and proven abilities, I am confident that you will be able to find another position in the relatively near future. If you would like, I would be pleased to write a recommendation letter for you, to help with your job search.


Fred Shandling
Unit Manager

cc: R. Jackson, Human Resources


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Re: 【天问】Sample Business Letters-外企商务信函模板
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